Hi folks. I'm Bogdan 👋

I'm a "mature" retiree

Bogdan Szuta


It’s me, Bogdan. 👋

I am a simple guy of simple needs, who believes in white being white, and black being black. And yes, gray is also a valid color. 😄

Soon after I received my master’s degree in economics, I moved to live in the most beautiful place on this earth - California. I call it God’s country and don’t care if some people may disagree with me.

After spending over two decades working for corporate America in the fields of finance and information technologies, I decided to take a break, and enjoy my life and newly discovered passions.

I love music (rap is crap), politics (don’t get me started if you are not willing to spend 2 hours in a fascinating discussion), skiing, and lately photography (selfie in a bathroom, or in front of your computer half-naked, is NOT the best image for the world to see).

BTW, I “stole” this page content from my about.me/bogdanszuta profile. The website used to be very popular as it has a very catchy domain name, so here it goes.